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I'm web developer & web designer, compulsive self-learner which is why most of my knowledge and experience are the result of the constant need to learn and experiment with logic, designs and new trends.

I keep increasing my skills to bring you the best user experience, branding, and solutions.


Shot in St. Eloi park - 2015

Worked many years as web designer and web application developer a.k.a. full stack developer. I'm enthusiast about bringing the most beautiful and optimized products to my clients and partners. I'm happy to see your requests in my email inbox, because that means that you're excited about start, update or upgrade a project and want to find the best way to get something maded at your measure. If you're one, cheers! mail-me

Recent web works

imagina ingeniería del software

— visit imaginais webpage —

Peppermint - by ilercode

— Coming soon —

Tallers JosMar

— visit tallers josmar site —

responsive Design works 2016 - 2017


solving your needs

Do you want specific functionality for your website or a brand new one handmaded at your size?

Working with PHP, Java, Kotlin, C# and many more.

Send me a message and ask me for time, price and viability

UI Design

enhacing your mobility

If you want to be up to date, increase your visibility and expanding your borders, that's what you need.

Covering all process from mockup to prototyping and code design.

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expanding your borders

If you have a physical shop, or want to start a new one, and being capable to reach loads of people, ask me to study your project to see what's the best option for you

Don't be shy and send me a message! =)

Asking is free


upgrading your visibility

If you have or want a new web site, you may want to show your visitors some quality content to increase your retribution, even if you have a simple facebook or instagram page to promote you.

Ready, steady, shot!

APP design

Simple, usable and beautiful apps.

Do you need or want to publish and app?

Send me a message and ask me for UI to UX study in your segment.

User Experience

Increasing your retribution.

A web/webApp/App is more profitable when users keep more time connected to you!

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Blog, forum, social, campus

Expanding user interact possibilities

What to choose when you need to increase or provide user interaction platform.

Asking is free!

Design refactoring

Updating your interfaces.

Changing to a responsive layout, updating your corporate image and your web/app design to a modern one could be easy.

Ask me for UI updating projects.

If you need any service, ask here without obligation.

Joel Bonet R. with the hands on web and app design and development, seo, sem, IT consulting and photography.